Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Introduction into threading in .NET (this article)


Im afraid to say that I am just one of those people that unless I am doing something, I am bored. So now that I finally feel I have learnt tha basics of WPF, it is time to turn my attention to other matters.

I have a long list of things that demand my attention such as (WCF/WF/CLR Via C# version 2 book), but I recently went for (and got, but turned it down in the end) which required me to know a lot about threading. Whilst I consider myself to be pretty good with threading, I thought yeah I'm ok at threading but I could always be better. So as a result of that I have decided to dedicate myself to writing a series of articles on threading in .NET. This series will undoubtely owe much to an excellent Visual Basic .NET Threading Handbook that I bought that is nicely filling the MSDN gaps for me and now you.

I suspect this topic will range from simple to medium to advanced, and it will cover a lot of stuff that will be in MSDN, but I hope to give it my own spin also.

I dont know the exact schedule, but it may end up being something like

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